An Inside Look at the 2022 Maserati MC20 at Maserati of Omaha

An Inside Look at the 2022 Maserati MC20 at Maserati of Omaha


The thrilling 2022 Maserati MC20 is the first of its kind: a super sports car. One look at it and you can tell its built to perform. We’re taking an inside look at this all-new Maserati vehicle at Maserati of Omaha

2022 Maserati MC20 Details

The MC in Maserati MC20 stands for “Maserati Course” which signals that there will be track-only option of the sports car. This first all-new version is indeed street legal, although it feels almost too much fun to drive. It’s equipped with a powerful new engine – the “Nettuno”, which means “Neptune” in Italian. 

The Maserati MC20 boasts a best-in-class weight-to-power ratio. Its 3.0-liter Maserati Nettuno twin-turbocharged V6 engine delivers an exhilarating 621 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque which helps the sports car hit 60 mph in a mere 2.9 seconds. It also has a whopping top speed of 202 mph. 

Even with its impressive performance, the sports car still performs as a daily driver too, if you prefer. It has a driver-centric cockpit that helps you easily command your vehicle. It even features a button on your steering wheel that lets you raise your front suspension if you detect a hazard in your path. 

2022 Maserati MC20 Safety and Special Features

The sleek cabin of the Maserati MC20 is highlighted with its innovative technology. It features dual 10.3-inch digital displays, including a touchscreen infotainment system and digital instrument cluster. 

It also comes standard with navigation and offers an available 12-speaker Sonos premium audio system. 

You can keep a close eye on your Maserati MC20 through your smartphone with the Maserati Connect™ app. It lets you quickly view a vehicle status report, which thoroughly checks your vehicle’s systems. 

It also lets you monitor your fuel level, tire pressure, oil level, and more. You can even remotely lock and unlock your doors with just your phone. 

Buying a 2022 Maserati MC20

When you want a new Maserati car or SUV, there’s no better place to turn than our Omaha Maserati dealership. We can help you secure Maserati financingand will be here for expert Maserati serviceafter your purchase as well. Reach out to our team to get into the thrilling Maserati MC20 today!