A Comprehensive Guide of Maserati Lease Terms

December 10th, 2022 by

Maserati lease

Excited about the thought of driving a brand-new Maserati car or SUV at a Maserati lease price? Apprehensive about the process of getting one? This guide from Maserati of Omaha can help.

Adjusted (Net) Capitalized Cost

This is the total cost of your vehicle, including its fees, and minus any down payment you make.

Capitalized Cost Reduction

This is the money you pay upfront towards your lease (also known as a down payment when financing).

Closed-End Lease

With a closed-end lease, you won’t be required to cover the difference if your vehicle ends up being worth less than its initial residual value.

Excess Mileage Charge

Every lease comes with a mileage cap for each year. If you exceed the mileage, you will owe fees at the end of your lease.

Excessive Wear and Tear Fee

If your vehicle is determined to have more than normal wear and tear over the course of your lease, you will be charged fees to cover the damage.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance

If you ever face a total loss or your vehicle is stolen, you are still responsible for paying the total cost of your lease, no matter how much your lease is deemed to be worth at that time. GAP insurance covers the difference.

Gross Capitalized Cost

The vehicle price that a lease is based on.

Open-Ended Lease

As opposed to a closed-ended lease, with this type of lease you’ll need to pay the difference if you end up owing more on your lease than its original estimated residual value.

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