Answering Your Maserati Oil Change Questions

August 5th, 2021 by

how much is a Maserati oil change

To keep your Maserati vehicle in premium condition, you need to make routine visits to our Maserati service center. Understandably, you may have some questions about getting your car serviced, such as “how much is a Maserati oil change” and “what type of oil does my Maserati take?” Thankfully, our team here at Maserati of Omaha is here to help.

How Much is a Maserati Oil Change?

After one year or 12,000 miles, you should visit our service center for a range of essential services, including a Maserati oil change, engine filter replacement, tire rotation, AC cabin filter replacement, and a comprehensive inspection of your braking system, seat belts, lights, and more.

The actual cost of these services can vary depending on your model, your service choices, and whether or not you’re taking advantage of any of our Maserati service specials.

What Type of Oil Does My Maserati Take?

While older vehicles used to need oil changes around every 3,000 miles, you can extend that time through Full Synthetic Oil. All-new Maserati cars come with Pennzoil Platinum Euro Full Synthetic Oil, resulting in premium performance.

What Happens if I Don’t Change My Oil?

While it may be tempting to put off your scheduled maintenance, not changing your car’s oil on time can cause excessive friction in your engine, resulting in poor performance, low efficiency, and, eventually, part malfunctions. Plus, your repairs may not be covered by your warranty if you skip scheduled maintenance.

Why Choose Maserati of Omaha for Service?

As an authorized Maserati service center, our team is only made up of certified Maserati technicians and we continually train our staff and equip our shop with the latest tools. Plus, we’ll go above and beyond for you every time, ensuring you get the best service experience possible for your luxury car.

Schedule your service appointment at our Maserati dealership near Blair today!

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