Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Luxury Car at Maserati of Omaha

April 4th, 2020 by

While there are many advantages to purchasing a new Maserati car, opting to drive off in a pre-owned model can be just as fulfilling. At Maserati of Omaha, our team of knowledgeable Maserati dealers in Nebraska can evaluate your needs and find the perfect pre-owned Maserati car for your lifestyle. Explore the many reasons to buy previously owned models today.

Buying Pre-Owned Cars

The pre-owned luxury vehicles at our dealership have been inspected extensively for quality and test-driven before becoming available on our lot. There are many reasons to purchase a pre-owned model, first and foremost that they’re less expensive. In addition to the sticker price, savings can be discovered in insurance, annual registration fees, and the cost of depreciation. Depreciation is the rate at which your car loses value and by the end of the first year of ownership, a new model loses up to 20-30% of its value, while pre-owned models aren’t nearly as affected.

Certified pre-owned Maserati cars are models that have been inspected and meet the standards of professional Maserati engineers. They are typically low in mileage and less than five or six years old. Many drivers choose this option for peace of mind, as it includes a vehicle history report and additional warranties.

Our Dealership

Maserati of Omaha serves Bellevue and surrounding areas. When you visit our location, you will be greeted with exceptional customer service and professionalism. We carry the latest Maserati cars, including the 2020 Maserati Levante, and operate an expert Maserati service center. We look forward to the opportunity to find a pre-owned model that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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