How to Follow a Maserati Maintenance Schedule

How to Follow a Maserati Maintenance Schedule

Are you having trouble sticking to yourMaserati maintenance schedule? Our service experts at Maserati of Omaha have a few tips to help ensure your Maserati car or SUV gets the care it needs. Read on to learn more.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

One of the first things you should do when you buy a new vehicle is review your owner’s manual. Your owner’s manual gives you helpful tips on using your vehicle, including how its various features and technology work. It will also include a recommended maintenance schedule, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Your owner’s manual will also let you know what the various lights on your vehicle’s dash mean. Anytime your vehicle starts having issues or performing unusually, your vehicle will warn you with a warning light, specifying the culprit. There’s also a warning light to remind you when vehicle maintenance is due. 

Set a Reminder 

Typically, you’ll get a sticker on your windshield after an oil change to remind you when your next oil change is due. However, it’s something that you still have to proactively check yourself, which many drivers forget about. We also encourage you to set a reminder on your phone’s calendar (or whatever system you use), to routinely check your vehicle and make sure you haven’t missed a maintenance interval.

Keep an Eye Out for Your Maintenance Light 

There’s an added perk in new Maserati vehicles (and many late-model pre-owned Maserati vehicles), which also feature a service reminder light that illuminates when service is due. The Scheduled Maintenance Service Indicator reminds you when a service interval is due, typically every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Utilize Maserati Connect

The Maserati Connect feature also helps you keep a watchful eye on your car or SUV. The app provides your vehicle’s health report and useful info about your vehicle, including your tire pressure, oil life, fuel level, and more. It will also let you know when your vehicle needs maintenance. 

Keep Up with Your Maserati Maintenance Schedule at Our Service Center

Our trained technicians can help ensure your vehicle gets the care it needs. We also have a multitude of competitive Maserati service specials you can take advantage of. Come see us today!