Fuel-Efficiency Tech Features of New Maserati Cars for Sale

May 25th, 2022 by

From the company’s earliest days, Maserati vehicles have embraced the latest technology in the name of performance. That same approach to innovation has paid fuel efficiency dividends in new Maserati cars for sale. Here are a few highlights you’ll find at Woodhouse Maserati of Omaha.


A Maserati Ghibli doesn’t simply look gorgeous. Each of its lines has a purpose, reducing drag for improved performance. This also increases gas mileage.


Maserati engines combine multiple types of technology to boost output without punishing your gas tank.

  • Turbochargers and superchargers leverage higher output from smaller engine volumes
  • Fuel injectors optimize gas delivery in precise quantities to maximize burn and minimize waste
  • Valve timing tweaks the intermix of fuel and air with even minute changes in speed
  • Stop-start technology prevents idling when parked or stuck in heavy traffic, saving more fuel than you realize


Without the transmission, you’d need extremely high RPMs to deliver power, which is extremely wasteful. Transmissions use gear ratios to optimize output so the engine can deliver more torque lower in the RPM curve.

Smartphone Integration

Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay® aren’t just for finding points of interest or curating your Spotify® playlist. They’re also good for gas-saving trip planning and traffic avoidance. Both are supported in many Maserati models right through the infotainment display.

Back to Basics

For all their advancements, today’s Maserati models also rely on some very simple fuel efficiency fundamentals. Better fuel economy can come from:

  • Proper tread depth and tire pressure
  • Oil changes
  • The right fuel for your vehicle
  • Brake service that eliminates brake drag
  • Timely Maserati maintenance so your vehicle always runs its best

Each of these items requires a diligent owner, which is why you may be the most important component of an efficient car. Visit Woodhouse Maserati of Omaha for Maserati service, parts, and answers to any questions when it comes to getting the most from new Maserati cars for sale.

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