How to Build and Price a Maserati Vehicle

November 8th, 2021 by

Maserati build and price

New Maserati vehicles are built with the finest craftsmanship and composed of thoughtful details. However, we know every driver has their own preferences and tastes and would like those reflected in their vehicle. That’s why we suggest you utilize our Maserati build and price tool to get your perfect vehicle at Maserati of Omaha.

Build Your Maserati Vehicle

You can shop for new Maserati vehicles on the Maserati website. This allows you to customize your Maserati vehicle with your preferences, down to the very last detail.

Simply walk through each step, essentially “building” your Maserati car or SUV from the ground up. It will also let you see an estimate of your vehicle’s cost and how each change or addition affects its price.

  1. Start by selecting your preferred model.
  2. Select the trim level you prefer.
  3. Then, select “Build Your Own”.
  4. Go through each option and select your preferences.
    1. Exterior
    2. Interior
    3. Packages
    4. Options

Schedule a Test Drive

Once you have built your Maserati vehicle with all your preferences, you’ll want to schedule a test drive. It’s important that you see (and drive) the vehicle yourself and ensure it’s the perfect fit for you.

Simply select “Test Drive” and fill out your contact information. It will direct you to your nearest Maserati dealership—Maserati of Omaha. We are Nebraska’s exclusive Maserati dealer.

Visit our Dealership

Keep in mind, it will take time to have a vehicle made to your exact specifications, but we’ll reach out when your vehicle is ready. Or, if you don’t want to wait, we encourage you to visit our Omaha Maserati dealership to view our existing extensive inventory.

We may already have your perfect vehicle on our lot. Either way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with questions. We’re happy to help!

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