Is a Maserati Lease Ever a Bad Idea?

September 15th, 2022 by

One of the biggest decisions that you’ll make at Maserati of Omaha is whether to buy or lease a Maserati car. Whether or not a Maserati lease is a bad idea or a good one depends on a number of different factors. Here at Maserati of Omaha, our Maserati finance experts are happy to help you decide, as well as let you know about our Maserati lease offers and financing deals.

When Is Leasing a Good Idea?

A simple way to think of a Maserati lease is as being similar to a long-term car rental. You can drive one of the newest Maserati models here on our lot, sign a contract to drive it for 24 to 36 months, and then return it when you’re done.

Thus, leasing is a great choice for people who want to experience the newest Maserati cars when they are first released. When you lease, you’ll drive the car during its most worry-free years, leading to low repair costs. Another benefit of leasing is that the monthly payments are often lower than they are with an auto loan, so if you’re looking for big style on a limited budget, leasing may be perfect for you.

When Is Leasing a Bad Idea?

One of the primary reasons people choose to buy rather than lease is that leasing comes with yearly mileage restrictions. These range from around 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year, and drivers who exceed this limit are charged a penalty. Thus, if you’re somebody who drives a lot of miles every year, buying a Maserati is a better choice.

Explore our Maserati lease offers at Maserati of Omaha and drive off in a brand-new Maserati model today. We look forward to getting you behind the wheel of a new luxury car.

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