Maserati Parts that Increase Performance

October 15th, 2022 by

There’s no denying that Maserati cars and SUVs boast heart-racing power and performance. However, we know there are some drivers that crave even more of a thrill. These Maserati parts from Maserati of Omaha can improve your car’s performance even more.

Cold Air Intake System

A cold air intake system delivers a continuous airflow to your engine. This benefits your vehicle because cooler air has a higher density of oxygen than warm air, so it helps direct more oxygen to your engine. This translates to a more powerful combustion, which creates more horsepower and torque for your vehicle.

Exhaust System

If you upgrade your air intake system, it’s a good idea to also upgrade your exhaust. Your exhaust system lets your engine breathe and an old system can struggle to push air in and out. When the air flows freely, you’ll see improved performance in your car or SUV.


Your radiator’s primary function is to eliminate the heat from your engine, which helps make your engine more efficient. However, if your engine is too cold, it will generate less horsepower. Updating your radiator to one that cools your engine more efficiently can increase your horsepower and fuel efficiency.

Performance Tires

While performance tires don’t directly increase your power, they will improve your performance in other ways. They help ensure your car has better contact with the road, even on wet or slick terrains. This helps give you better handling and traction when you are testing your Maserati car or SUV to its limits.

When you need to order new parts and want to ensure they are expertly installed, our Omaha Maserati service center is ready to help. Contact our team to order parts today or simply stop by at your convenience. Those rip-roaring drives are waiting for you!

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