Maserati Parts to Never Buy Used

Maserati repair parts


The Maserati parts you put into your vehicle are a lot like the organs in your body — they help you to do everything you want to do. Unfortunately, sometimes they get old and need to be repaired or replaced. 

A lot of drivers will try and save a few bucks by filling their Maserati vehicle with pre-owned parts. But there are some things you should never buy used. Here at Maserati of Omaha, we’re here to answer all of your questions about Maserati parts. 

Maserati Parts You Want to Buy New

Pretty much everything you put under your hood is something you want to buy new if it needs to be replaced. A prime example is your engine. Once you crank hundreds of miles on your vehicle, or you don’t take care of your engine with routine Maserati service, the engine may fail. When it does, the last thing you want to do is have a pre-owned engine installed. 

If a part like an engine, transmission, or battery is available “used,” take it as a warning sign. You aren’t likely to get much life out of it, and it will probablt cost more to install it than what it is worth. 

What Else Should You Buy New? 

Most reputable Maserati service centers are not going to offer things like hoses, braked pads, spark plugs, or belts in used condition. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find these parts at junkyards or online. 

These parts are not only going to fail, but they can actually cause damage to your vehicle. A used belt is probably going to break apart and leave bits and pieces under your hood, preventing your engine from functioning well. Used hoses often have old fluids or clogs that will also hurt your engine or leak into other parts of your vehicle, and used spark plugs can short. 

Can I Buy Any Parts Pre-Owned? 

If a part is essential to the performance of your vehicle or your safety, then you shouldn’t buy it used. This also includes things like windshield wiper blades. However, when it comes to accessories that enhance your cabin or improve the aesthetics of your car’s exterior, you may find some high-quality pre-owned pieces.

For any and all questions regarding parts and accessories, make sure you ask our team here at Maserati of Omaha! Our Omaha Maserati dealers are more than happy to chat with you.