Road Hazards to Look Out For Near Lincoln

September 24th, 2019 by

Driving on the road in your thrilling new Maserati car is an enviable experience, but driving also has its inherent risks. Here at Maserati of Omaha, we want to help you stay safe on the road and enjoy your driving experience as much as possible by providing top-quality Maserati service near Lincoln. One of the best ways to stay safe on the road is to be aware of the most common road hazards.

Bad Weather

In perfect conditions, driving is often fairly easy and doesn’t feel too stressful. However, when the weather turns south, it can create unsafe conditions that make driving more difficult. Even just heavy rain can significantly reduce visibility while decreasing your braking distance. If you run into bad weather while driving, turn your wipers on, reduce your speed, and be extra aware of other motorists.

Construction Zones

You can actually expect to run into construction zones fairly often while you’re driving. The good thing is that they are often very clearly marked so there should be no surprises. Reduce your speed and keep an eye out for workers. You also should keep an extra eye out for debris on the road.

Children Playing

Children are important to keep an eye out for when driving through residential neighborhoods or by schools. Kids can be a bit more unpredictable than adult pedestrians, so stay extra alert and reduce your speed.

Malfunctioning Traffic Light

Typically, you can expect traffic to be controlled by an automated traffic light. However, these lights sometimes malfunction, either turning off altogether or defaulting to a flashing red. When this happens, treat the intersection as a four-way stop. Be sure to keep a close eye on other cars and to drive slowly since not everyone might know how to drive in this situation.

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