What to Know About Used Cars with a Manual Transmission

March 15th, 2022 by

manual transmission used cars

When shopping for cars, a lot of car buyers don’t initially think of manual transmission used cars. We’re taking a closer look at these pre-owned models at Maserati of Omaha.

The Perks of Buying a Used Car

Wondering why you should consider a used car? A used car is usually much more affordable than a new car.

This is especially beneficial if you are shopping with a limited budget as it will make more vehicles available to you. Plus, you can avoid a lot of the depreciation you see with a new car.

The Perks of a Used Car with a Manual Transmission

On top of all the perks of buying a used vehicle, you’ll see even more benefits if you choose to buy one with a manual transmission.

While used cars are more affordable than new, you’ll see even more savings with a manual transmission. Not as many drivers can drive a manual, so they are harder to sell, which is why they usually cost less.

  • Can be more fuel-efficient than automatics
  • Have fewer parts so they are usually easier to maintain
  • Can be safer since they require you to stay more alert behind the wheel

Manual Transmission Maintenance

While they aren’t as complex as an automatic transmission, manual vehicles still require routine maintenance. There are extra factors to keep in mind, as well.

For example, a manual vehicle has a clutch. These are generally built to last 60,000 miles, but can last even longer or less, depending on how you drive. You’ll still need all the typical maintenance an automatic requires too, including oil changes, tire rotations, etc.

Think a manual transmission used car is for you? Visit our car dealership in Omaha, NE to check out our inventory today!

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